What is WonderGel ?

WonderGel, LLC has the exclusive rights to market seat cushions made with the patented Column-Buckling Gel technology.

Column-Buckling Gel is a cushioning surface that enables pressure redistribution and equalization through a pressure 'threshold' technology comprising hollow columns in a unique elastic gel.

This patented column-buckling gel technology has been used for over 15 years in therapeutic care of advanced critical care hospital patients. After it was clinically shown to heal pressure sores, this Column-Buckling Gel technology has been used in Intensive Care Units, Burn Centers and Critical Care Units in the best hospitals all around the world.

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Customer Reviews

"... I have to sit at a computer most of the day and the pain can set in, along with the cushion eventually wearing out on my chair. This is a wonderful product and a life saver thank you!"         More DoubleGel Reviews

"Best find for sitting comfortably. Have 3 now, one for car, one for desk, one for kitchen. Love them!"
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"I'm 84 years old and have a sensitive tush and the WonderGel Original Seat Cushion has been a life saver." More Original Reviews

"I bought a Roll n' Go Seat Cushion... The Wondergel cushion works as promised. I recommend it to anyone who wants to sit without having to readjust constantly to find a softer position." More Roll n'Go Reviews

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